Happy to greet You!

My name is Olga Filatova, and I’m the interior designer. I create private as well as public interiors in laconic, purity, and elegance way.

I’m keen on different interior styles and able to synchronize them with my own view. Knowledge, experience and analytical skills give me a strong understanding and feeling of design rules, what is fundamental and what is peripheral.
A successful interior project is a combination of creativity and strict planning; systematic and coordinated teamwork. Argumentation and explanation of every particular choice or suggestion are also a high priority. I devote great attention to functionality, comfort, and esthetic. I also appreciate “architectural” interior design projects with the right geometry and proportions. In my projects, I aim to create a harmonic and balanced design.

When creating an interior, I always collaborate with my faithful friend – 3D visualization – the kind of three-dimensional computer graphics to produce photorealistic and physically correct images. 3D visualization enables realistically represent the interior or exterior and their elements in 3D space. It also allows estimating ideas before their implementation in such a way: to avoid mistakes, to make the right decision, to save financial and time resources, to construct a plan and consistent scheme of project implementation.

If you are interested in my occupation, please contact me!
I will be pleased to meet new people and to get new challenges.

Warm regards,

Olga Filatova